Summer SHADE

Stay Sharp. Stay Ahead.

A summer program that’s affordable, educational, and above all, fun!

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“During that summer, our girls were able to master the math skills necessary which gave them the confidence and knowledge going into their new school year.”

Maria D.
(Yelp Review)

“Their summer program helped my son prepare for 8th grade. Instead of getting rusty over the summer he's actually better prepared going in.”

Ross L.
(Yelp Review)

The Summer SHADE Program

1st—7th (rising): A hands-on learning program with fun, educational activities that focus on English, math, and science.

The Most Affordable Academic Summer Program Ever Created

We designed a summer program that not only gives students a fun and engaging summer experience, but one that's also within reach for every household.

Summer Tutoring

SEED (All Ages): Summer studying allows for students to brush up on a subject or get ahead of the game.

ReBoot Camp (1st-12th): An intensive weekly program that allows your student to go over material from the previous school year and get prepared for the next grade.

Our Student Hands-on Application & Development in Education (SHADE) & our Student Enrichment & Educational Development (SEED) programs makes sure students stay sharp all summer long.

A Summer Program for All Ages

Programs for K - College

Students learn best when they experience the subject matter firsthand. We think that SHADE is really how school should be if it had the time and resources.

Summer SHADE (1st-7th rising): Students are engaged in fun, hands-on learning projects that are centered around reading, writing, & math.

Summer SEED (All Ages): By the hour, one-on-one subject help where we help students keep up or get ahead in any subject they choose.

Test Prep (High School): We'll also get our older students ready for the ACT/SAT tests with either personalized sessions or in one of our classes.

ReBoot Camp: (1st-12th rising) We do week-long sessions to prevent summer learning loss and prepare students for the academic year ahead.

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Affordable for All

Middle Tree's mission of being the most affordable educational program on the planet extends into summer so that anyone can enjoy a high quality program without having to be concerned with outlandish costs.


SHADE students can come for full or half days with drop off as early as 7am and pick up as late as 6pm, while students of all ages attending summer SEED for by-the-subject help can come anytime between 10am-6pm.

Reading, Writing, Math, Test Prep

Summer SHADE is a learning by doing program which focuses on reading, writing, and math everyday, while our by-the-subject students (the SEED program) will all have their own personalized course of study.

Low Student : Teacher Ratios

We make sure to have the right staff for our students to be able to get the most personalized instruction possible.

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Middle Tree's mission over the summer is the same as it is during the school year: make education available by making it affordable. Created and run BY teachers FOR students.

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