Schools, Districts &
Organizational Partnerships

Partnering with school districts & other nonprofits is the heart of Middle Tree's programming.

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“Middle Tree allows our students who struggle with the regular classroom setting to learn and develop the confidence to explore unfamiliar concepts at their own pace within a supportive and fun environment. We are proud to partner with Middle Tree to lead our scholar to academic success and a college career.”

Carlos Carrillo
Educational Programs Director,
Uncommon Good

Your organization made stronger

Middle Tree assists school districts with extra after school tutoring & other programs. Students come in and get help with the things they need most.

Improved grades, higher state test scores, and decreased truancy

93% of Middle Tree students show academic progress. Giving students all the time they need allows for higher grades and test scores.

Our Program is Your Program

We work with you to construct a program suited for your students: tutoring, test preparation, counseling, mentorship, after school programming, and more.

Middle Tree's mission is to provide affordable, high-quality educational programs and help foster the next generation of leaders.
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Our Partners

Districts, Schools, cities, universities, group homes, nonprofits, libraries

Partnerships are at the heart of Middle Tree's mission. We lend academic support to schools and communities so that the educational burden isn't their's alone.

How We Help

We make sure your students are better able to perform in the classroom

By reinforcing lessons or running a program designed for your school or organization, Middle Tree helps students in the areas they need it most.


Check out Middle Tree's media coverage

We get a lot of attention! See why so many media outlets go to Middle Tree to comment on the state of education.

Individualized Plans for Each Student

Middle Tree gives each and every student the equivalent of an IEP. After all, the best education is the one specifically designed for the individual student.

Our Success Is In The Numbers

93% of all Middle Tree students see significant academic improvement while in our programs.

Improved Grades & Attitudes

96% of principals, teachers, parents, & students say that their experience with academics have been enhanced or made easier by Middle Tree.

Unlimited Time To Work

Regardless of what your program ultimately looks like, we make sure to give students all the time they need to do homework, prepare for tests, or catch up on assignments.

Our Mission Is Your Vision

The best partnerships are collaborative efforts. At Middle Tree, we work with you to design an academic program centered around your needs.

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