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Middle Tree is a nonprofit created by educators designed to help with tutoring, test preparation, college counseling, and financial aid.

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Middle Tree is absolutely unique in the world of education

Come any time today! Stay as long as you need. Study any subject.

“I absolutely love this place. I recently signed up my twins for tutoring and on our first appointment they felt so comfortable with the staff.”

Gena B., Upland
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“Mr. Atman created a program that would not inhibit any child from receiving the academic success and enrichment they deserve.”

Claudia N., Pomona
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Study on your schedule

Middle Tree takes the pressure of time off both students AND parents. No appointments necessary means that you can work tutoring around your extracurriculars and shifting schedules.

Middle Tree won't break the bank

We level the playing field so that no student is left at a disadvantage because of finances.

We teach to the individual

How do you learn best? Middle Tree can help you learn the study tools that YOU need to be your best self.

Created and run by educators

Professors, teachers, and the brightest tutors all come together to work with our students and support individualized learning.

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Students are individuals and we aim to make them the best possible version of their unique selves.