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How long can students stay at Middle Tree?

Every hour that we are open. However, students must be working while here or they will be sent out.
During COVID, students can only be at our facility during the times they are scheduled.

Do we need to make an appointment?

We ask for 48 hours notice for all in-person and online appointments. You can make weekend appointments by calling, emailing, or signing up at the front desk.

What are Middle Tree’s hours?

Monday — Thursday from 2:30pm — 8:30pm, with an early 1:30 start on Wednesday; Saturday & Sunday from 10:00am — 4:00pm (by appointment only).
During COVID: Monday - Thursday 9:00am-9:00pm and 10:00am-4:00pm Friday-Sunday (prescheduled online appointments).

As a non-profit, where does Middle Tree get its funding?

Almost entirely from our member pledges; that’s why it’s so important that the commitment you make is one you keep. After all, when you become a member you are not only supporting yourself or your student, you’re supporting a community of students in an education program unlike any ever attempted, and we think that’s something important enough to keep going.

When are pledges due?

Pledges are due the day you sign-up and on the first of the month thereafter, unless otherwise arranged.

How can I submit my pledge every month?

With the account provided, cash, check, or debit or credit card. Furthermore, if you provide us with transcripts once a semester and a one-time review on social media (preferably Yelp or in the Facebook reviews section), an additional $5 will be discounted every month.

Why does Middle Tree give a discount for transcripts and reviews?

As a non-profit mission we are always competing for public and private funding. Therefore, we attempt to collect as much data as possible from our members about how we’re carrying out that mission. Transcripts are used to show improvement in our students, while online reviews are for both the public and our staff to ensure we’re holding up our end of the bargain.

What if we want to cancel a membership?

There is a cancellation penalty of one month, plus the difference between the amount of months you signed up for and the amount of months fulfilled. e.g., if you signed up for 12 months but cancelled after 8, your cancellation penalty would be the cost of the membership closest to the amount of time you fulfilled, plus the difference between those membership agreements.

Where do my pledges go?

To help pay for overhead including our space, staff, and teachers. It also goes into supporting the various other charitable efforts Middle Tree partakes in, such as our student sponsorship program and other endeavors carried out by Middle Tree and our partners.

Are there discounts for multiple family members?

Yes, there is a 15% discount applied to each additional family member.

How do I apply for a scholarship or sponsorship?

Submit a completed FAFSA, two years tax returns with W2s (unless self-employed), two months bank statements, and paycheck stubs. Funding for this program is extremely limited and people are encouraged to apply as early as possible for it; applications will be considered on a first come first, served basis.

Can students bring food?

Yes. Students can bring whatever they like. We simply ask people to be aware of possible allergies other students may have and for students to clean up after themselves.

How can I contact Middle Tree for information about my student?

We like to speak with parents as often as we can — preferably in person, if possible. However, you can always call our general line at 909 293-9560 and speak with one of our Directors or leave a message for the education office. You can also email education@middletree.org

How do I make weekend or ACT/SAT appointments?

Call the general line, sign up at the front desk, email us at appointments@middletree.org, or go to the bottom of this or any other page on our website. All appointments need to be made 48 hours in advance of the first day.

Who works at Middle Tree?

A combination of actual professors and certified teachers supervise an education team comprised of people involved in education in one way or another.

Is everyone who works at Middle Tree background checked?

Yes. Whether an employee or volunteer, we have anyone who works with our students Live Scanned by the Department of Justice.

How can I volunteer?

Contact us at hr@middletree.org, or call 909 293-9560. If you have a resumé, send it!