Middle Tree's Dyslexia Program

Specialized tutoring for students with learning differences & reading difficulties.

"In a short amount of time, Sofia is almost reading at grade level. I give credit to Middle Tree and its tutors. The results have had a positive impact on Sofia in school and with her self-confidence. I am forever grateful to Middle Tree."

Karina Avina
Parent of Middle Tree student

“My son always has a positive outlook towards going to Middle Tree for tutoring and, dare I say, he looks forward to going!”

Laura Milligan
Parent of Middle Tree student

Dyslexia Students Need a Champion

Students with dyslexia often read at a level far behind their peers. Our staff acts as a support system for students who feel discouraged by their difficulties in school.

What Is Dyslexia?

Dyslexia is a learning difference that affects how the brain processes sound, making it difficult to read, write, and spell accurately.

A Holistic Approach

Students receive structured literacy guidance through one-on-one tutoring. We also have an audiobook discussion group that teaches comprehension, vocabulary, and content knowledge.

Having dyslexia doesn't mean that a person is unintelligent: it simply means that he or she learns differently!


We work with Dyslexia Specialists and committed advocates for those with learning differences.

Middle Tree is part of a greater community helping various organizations to provide our parents and students a network of ongoing support.


We make sure your students are better able to perform in the classroom

We show students with reading differences that they can still enjoy books through audio learning tools and other resources.

Above and Beyond

Memorization isn't enough. We create an environment where students thrive.

Many students with dyslexia rely on memorizing words when learning how to read. But our specialized tutoring helps students to break apart any unknown word.

Learning Differently Isn't the Same as Learning Poorly

Parents and educators who help children to embrace dyslexia often find that their child's confidence and performance improves exponentially in school.

We Embrace Neurodiversity

Middle Tree is an impassioned advocate for removing the stigma of learning disabilities.

Dyslexic Learners Have Many Strengths

Those with dyslexia are often incredibly strong in other areas, including problem-solving, comprehension, big-picture thinking, empathy, and critical-thinking.

We Prioritize Communication

Our staff regularly reports to parents and school districts regarding a student's progress and their individual needs.

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