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Expanding Opportunity to College Access

Middle Tree’s college counseling program has students working with real college professors to find the school that’s right for them.

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“Middle Tree has helped our daughter achieve admission to a great college and our son achieve admission to a competitive private high school with their test prep services.”

Stephanie C., Claremont (Yelp Review)
Parent of College Counseling student

“I can't say enough about Middle Tree's outstanding program, attentive staff and excellent instruction! This has helped him maintain his high GPA which has translated into admission offers. For parents looking for value at an affordable cost, Middle Tree's programs, in my opinion, is tops!”

Ed Soriano

Find your School

Work with real college professors to find the school that’s right for you.

Equal Access Regardless of Income

No more outlandish prices: program costs are based on household incomes and tax brackets so that everyone has equal access.

Financial Aid

Get access to a certified financial aid officer who can help save you tens of thousands of dollars on tuition.

Once again, not only does Middle Tree provide the most comprehensive program available, it’s also unquestionably the most affordable.

Find Your School - and Yourself

Our counselors work with our students to evaluate themselves and determine what sets them apart from other applicants.

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Work With Experts

Stay in contact with experienced professors who can guide you as you explore your future academic endeavors.

Find the Right College for You

With so many programs, our counselors will help you narrow down the options so that you find a school that matches your interests.

Distinguish Yourself

Understand how to send an application that will stand out to Admissions committees.

A Plan for Every Budget

Our sliding scale allows you to pay according to your income bracket.

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We offer free college counseling and financial aid appointments to anyone in need of a little extra guidance. It's all a part of Middle Tree's mission!

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