Making supplemental education available by making it affordable.

Our Mission

Education everywhere has become too inaccessible - largely because of rising costs and a shrinking middle class. Even public schools are understaffed and overcrowded. That's why we created Middle Tree: it's a public mission to fix the way education is done.

How Middle Tree Can Fix Education

Schools are underfunded and make students follow a uniformed structure. Tutoring is unaffordable and inflexible for most people. But Middle Tree has a simple solution: give students a personalized educational path that allows them all the time they need to work while making sure anyone can afford it.

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Why It's Important for You to Support

Supporting Middle Tree means you're helping to make a difference in the way your local community is able to educate itself. Through your support we can take back education by planning a personalized path for you or your student with educators who will take the time to work with students on their terms.

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