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A 501(C)(3) nonprofit education center unlike any other ever created.

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Middle Tree makes it easy

“Middle tree has saved my family! Since starting Middle Tree my kids have done so much better in school and homework is stress free!”

Ronny F., Claremont (Yelp review)
Parent of Middle Tree students in tutoring and college counseling

Created by educators - for students like you

“My daughter actually asks me to take her to tutoring.. she loves the environment. And the staff genuinely care about the children and are there to help them succeed in life.”

Kim Y., (Yelp Review)
Mother of Middle Tree student

College Counseling & Financial Aid Help

“Middle Tree has helped our daughter achieve admission to a great college and our son achieve admission to a competitive private high school with their test prep services.”

Stephanie C., Claremont (Yelp Review)
Parent of Middle Tree student in College Counseling

We base our approach around our students' individual needs and personalities so that we work with them on their terms, not ours.

Study on Your Schedule

Middle Tree takes the pressure off both students AND parents. We offer flexible scheduling and no appointments are necessary (except Friday - Sunday), which means that you can find the time that works best for you!

We Teach to the Individual

How do you learn best? All of our students gets their own personalized educational plan (just like an IEP at school)! Every day we work to execute those plans based on the students' needs.

Accessible Tutoring For All

Middle Tree levels the playing field so that no student is left at a disadvantage because of finances.

Created and Run by Educators

Professors, teachers, and the brightest tutors all come together to work with our students and support individualized learning.

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Offering the most flexible, affordable, and educational academic programs in the area.

SHADE: Learning-by-doing program based on reading, writing, & math
Reboot: Goes over essential concepts in English & math from the previous academic year
SEED: By-the-subject / by-the-hour tutoring in all subjects

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Middle Tree is a community education project. By supporting us, you're helping to foster educational equality for all.

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A Nonprofit Developed & Run by Educators

Created by Educators. For Future Leaders.

Joseph G. Atman, S.T.D.

Executive Director

“Middle Tree is the only program of its kind ever created.”

Patricia Deehring, M.A.

Deputy Director

“At Middle Tree, the students, parents, and Middle Tree staff create a unique academic path for every student.”

Eric Otremba, Ph.D.

Programs Director

“Because top-level college preparation should be available to everyone.”

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