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Our Mission

Middle Tree is a CENTER FOR SOCIAL GROWTH THROUGH EDUCATION AND THE ARTS. As a nonprofit, we aspire to make education universally available by making it affordable.

Middle Tree's students learn together as a team, not as individuals. It’s collective learning that’s as unique and interactive.

Teaching & Learning

Middle Tree students learn together as a team as well as individually. Students discuss and interact with the material within these groups and then bring questions or discoveries back to the larger class. It’s collective learning that’s as unique as it is interactive. Students become responsible for absorbing the curriculum with such completeness that they’re actually able to teach it to one another while studying together.


Middle Tree A Non-Profit Partner in Education
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Become a Middle Tree Member! Our membership plan allows you to come in to the learning center whenever you can for after school support. Sign up for several different options, ranging from one month to one year in whatever subjects you’d like.

Choose Your Subject

Though we mainly do English and math for all grade levels, each student also has the ability to choose their own subject. Middle Tree has a network of teachers and tutors with a vast array of skill sets in order to fit any student’s needs.

Create Your Own Program

At Middle Tree, we seek to build our programs around our students’ needs. Whatever a student would like to come in and learn about. Whether it be school work related, or something school doesn’t offer, we’re here to help. If there’s something we don’t offer, we’ll seek to create an academic track around your interest. Simply talk to us about it.

No Workbook

Many other learning centers put too much focus on repetitive workbooks that keep students locked into a single learning track. Middle Tree focuses much more on building a relationship with each student, finding out their strengths and weaknesses, and building a program about them, not about the material.

We Can Get You Ahead

We won’t simply catch you up on your schoolwork we’ll use our own material to get you ahead so that you’ll constantly be performing above your expected level, reaching your fullest potential.

Applied Learning

Far too often we hear students ask how what they learn inside the classroom applies to life outside the classroom. Our aim is to show our students that what they do can be used immediately in the world around them through community outreach.

Each subscription gives 8 hours of tutoring a month in any subject, to be used at anytime the student wants, and may also be rolled over.


Program Structure & Membership Subscription

Middle Tree offers a unique subscription program, and two fixed 12 week programs which focus on Writing and SAT/ACT preparation. The subscription program called Middle Tree Membership is a "free form" studies program. The Middle Tree Membership program offers 8hrs / month of study. Each month can be purchased individually or at a subscription discount.

Middle Tree Memberships use a monthly Membership Subscription

Students purchase blocks of time, whether they be 8, 16, 24, etc: each 8 hour block is a month's worth of time and vice versa. Each subscription gives 8 hours of tutoring a month in ANY SUBJECT, to be used at any time the student wants, and whose hours may also be continuously rolled over. Students may apply for one month, or purchase a subscription that allows them complete freedom in regards to subject.

The base cost is for 8 hrs per month is $175.
Purchasing more than one month at a time offers savings and are tailored to student needs and the school calendar

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Middle Tree is not just a learning center; we are a community center for people of all ages and walks of life. Not only does Middle Tree assist students in their studies, it also supports the common good by identifying and addressing common needs, both big and small.

We have a big vision and a great team helping to implement it, but we need a continually larger support and involvement from interested organizations, businesses, and individuals. At the same time, we’re always looking for something or someone to get involved with.

If you have an idea or need, please write to or
Visit us in person at 250 W. 1st Street, Claremont, CA, 91711

Middle Tree’s Mission

Our mission is to be a center for social growth through education and the arts, and we’re putting that into action by having students work together to solve both their academic work, and larger social issues. We’re not just a learning center, we’re building a community; aside from our innovative academic approach, it’s another thing that sets us apart.

Making Human Connections

If you have a need for a project you’re working on, or want some personal assistance with an issue, maybe we can help; we’re a center that seeks to connect people to people to give one another assistance in whatever ways we can. It’s that kind of inner connectivity that Middle Tree thrives off of.

Career tracks

When you’re a Middle Tree Member, we’ll attempt to find out what it is that you love to do and, should you choose, we’ll begin to attempt to assist you in reaching your personal, collegiate, or career goals by setting you on a prescribed pathway towards those ends. Ask us about getting on a personal, collegiate or career track, and we’ll work with you to help get you there.


We’re also always looking for volunteers.
If you’d like to become one, whether it be in the classroom or in our larger projects

Middle Tree

A Non-Profit Partner in Education

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