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As a non-profit partner in education, Middle Tree’s primary purpose is to educate those in need. We seek out students who show merit, financial need, and creative ingenuity.  Everyone should have a chance at education; we aim to make that opportunity a reality.

Whether it be in our college prep classes (ACT/SAT), or our supplemental education programs for high school and junior high, we simply do education differently.  The difference is not only in our philosophy, but in our approach: as opposed to individual students learning on their own against the subject matter, our classes work together as unified, interdisciplinary bodies. Students are shown how various subjects apply to other areas of academic and social intrigue, and they work together with the material as a group - producing genuine community-based projects by the end of the program. In this way, the material learned is applied to life outside the classroom in a manner that actively contributes to a culture our students help shape directly.

Also, our courses are not just small in size, but we actually implant tutors into the classes themselves; these tutors aid the students who then review content together in even smaller groups. Under the supervision of both teachers and tutors, students discuss and interact with information on their terms, so that they’re able to fully comprehend subject matters in ways that make sense to them.

It’s this kind of collective learning that gives us a distinctive advantage in our educational methodology. Interactive learning makes students responsible for absorbing the material with such completeness that they’re able to connect with it and teach it to one another - and from that teaching, help to shape both their classes and their community.

Education should be done together. With Middle Tree helping to implement students’ talents and ideas so that they can better shape the world they live in, we’re hoping that sentiment catches on.

– Joseph G. Atman

Middle Tree Chairman
& Executive Director


Middle Tree A Non-Profit Partner in Education
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